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¿What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a fitness system based on constantly varied exercises, with functional movements, executed at high intensity. We propose a broad, general and inclusive training.

Our specialty is non-specialization. CrossFit seeks to prepare people for any physical challenge. It is designed to be applied at all levels and at all ages, from people with heart problems to elite athletes.

It is based on the combination of exercises with the weight of the body, lifting of weights in Olympic style and of power, and monostructural activities like running or rowing, traditionally known as “cardio”.

What are "functional exercises"?

They are exercises that collect various muscles and joints. They emphasize muscle movement and function, not its shape. Contrary to isolation exercises that seek to locate an area of ​​the body, functional exercises involve more than one joint are fun and safe. They are learned progressively.

In addition, they aim to generate power from the largest muscles of the body and turn it into the smallest, from the center to the limbs. They move great weights, a great distance and a great speed.

How is CrossFit different from a traditional gym?

Well, therefore:

  • CrossFit does not use machines to isolate muscles because it considers the body as a unit and so it must be exercised.
  • CrossFit aims the athlete to develop real vitality, not just the appearance of vitality. *CrossFit wants you to be able to fulfill real life tasks, from carrying your child to the fourth floor without shortness of breath, moving furniture without injuring your back, playing your weekend game with resistance that will surprise your pals and any daily activity such as carrying shopping bags, and more.
  • In CrossFit no one jogs or pedals watching television or reading. We respect those who do, but at CrossFit exercise is so fun and exciting – so intense – it doesn’t need distraction.

Apart from regulating your weight and shaping your body, CrossFit develops 10 physical capacities:

-Cardiovascular resistance or “cardio” -Muscular resistance or stamina

Are there training levels?

Yes. A sedentary person is not required the same as a qualified athlete. Everyone should practice the exercises according to their abilities and gradually increase the requirement: Our objective is to be stronger, more agile, more powerful, more flexible and coordinated and improve our health, always through our efforts.

Who is CrossFit good for?

It is good for you if:

  • You have tried to lose weight with other systems without success.
  • You lose weight but you go back up, over and over again.
  • You have tried the traditional gyms and you get bored with the endless series on machines that motivate you to… yawn.
  • You are sedentary, office worker, housekeeper, or a student looking to be fit.
  • You are an athlete and you want to get your full potential

CrossFit and its community

Community is an essential part of CrossFit, we all start together and end together; we encourage and demand effort to everyone until the last one is over. We are peers since the first day, not strangers who go to the gym with their headphones and who wait for us to finish with the machine we are using.

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